How long do you grill steaks...

Plated prime rib steak"How long should I grill my steak for?"  Ah yes, one of the most common and eternal questions of back yard grillers across this great, big blue world or ours.  And a tad bit trickier to answer than most people would suspect. 

Why?  Because there are so many variables that can affect it.

Slight differences in grill temperature, meat thickness, and a slew of other other variables can cause a significant difference the time needed from one grilling session to another.  So, just because 6 minutes 45 seconds on the dot gave you a medium rare rib eye steak on time doesn't necessarily mean it will again...

In other words, relying solely on time alone is one of the most unreliable means of determining the doneness of your steak.  Checking the internal temperature with an instant read thermometer will give you much better. 

That said, this table gives you estimates of you how long to grill a steak .  Our recommendation is to used as a guideline to know when to start using your thermometer to check your steak for final doneness.

Thickness  Rare  (120-125° F) Medium (135-145° F)  Well  (155-160° F)

Grill Times for Steaks Based on Chefs Standards

Skirt, flank 1 - 1 1/2 lb 2-4 min. 4-6 min. 6-8 min.
Flatiron 2-3 lbs 6-8 min. 8-10 min. 10-12 min.
Rib eye, porterhouse, t-bone, filet mignon, strip steak (e.g. New York, Kansas City, top loin, shell, or club) 3/4 in. 5-7 min. 7-9 min. 9-11 min.
1 in. 6-7 min. 7-9 min. 9-12 min.
1 1/2 in. 10-12 min. 12-15 min. 15-19 min.
2 in. 15-17 min. 17-19 min. 19-21 min.
3 in. 22-30 min. 30-36 min. 36-42 min.

 NOTE: The grill times shown above include searing.

Here are a few other important things to keep in mind as well:

First:  the more steaks you grill at once, the more these times can vary.

Second:  your steaks will continue to cook after you take them off the grill so it's best to aim for the lower half of the time or temperature zone...

Third:  there's more to grilling the perfect steak than merely knowing how long to grill it.  The type of cut your grilling... how  marbled or lean it is... the utensils you use to handle it... even the manner in which you slice it after it's done can all play a huge role in how juicy, and buttery-soft or dry and rubbery your steak ends up being...

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